Outdoor directory containing information on hunting and fishing guides and outfitters in Saskatchewan, Canada

Hunting in Saskatchewan

Goose Haven Canada-A premier outfitter specializing in wrold class ducks, geese and trophy bear. Located in central Saskatchewan where hundreds of thousands of waterfowl migrate each year. The area is well known for large numbers of bear. Color phase bear weighing in excess of 450lbs are not uncommon. 100% bear hunting success rate.

Big Foot Outfitters-Choose between beautiful cinnamon brown or mature black bears ­ some up to 800 pounds! Bear hunting success is consistently strong with fall bear hunts bordering on outrageous. You can see as many as ten bears at a time from your blind. 95% success on all hunts last year.

North Duck Outfitters-offers some of the best duck hunting in the world This is where it all begins.

Overflow River Outfitters-Saskatchewan hunting for trophy Elk, Whitetail Deer, waterfowl and upland Duck, Goose, Black Bear, Chocolate Brown and Blonde Bear hunts in Upper Eastern Saskatchewan, Western Canada with local guides at Overflow Outfitters Lodge


Fishing in Saskatchewan

Hasbala Lake Lodge- One of Saskatchewan's Finest Fly-In Fishing Lodges is located exactly where the Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwest Territories and Nunavut borders meet in a beautiful, remote and unspoiled northern Saskatchewan wilderness area.

Pine Ridge Resort-Fishing in the Narrow Hills Provincial Park
You'll get hooked on the abundance of lakes and streams the area has to offer. The many species of fish will keep any angler happy. Most of the lakes are small but are home to some of the finest catch found anywhere

Nordic Lodge-Reindeer Lake is noted for its variety of fishing experiences. The lake is about 160 miles long, covering an area of nearly 2,500 square miles. One of our prime Lake Trout areas is Deep Bay, one of the world's largest ancient meteorite craters. More than 700 feet deep and 6 miles across, this body of water remains cold long after the heat has driven trout down to unreachable depths in most other lakes. Also in Deep Bay you can fish the elusive Arctic Grayling.


Camping in Saskatchewan

The Saskatchewan Camping Association-Serving organized camps in Saskatchewan since 1960