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Wausau Area Fishing Report


Beautiful spring weather has water temperatures currently in the mid-forty degree range or warmer throughout most of the area, and as a result, the fish activity has been excellent. The walleye activity has been ever-increasing with the arrival of spawning time, and anglers are continuing to catch numbers of fish including some heavy egg-laden female specimens. Jigs tipped with fatheads or Mr. Twister tails and retrieved just over the bottom are accounting for the majority of the action. Brighter colors such as orange and chartreuse have been best during mid-day hours while more natural colors like black, brown, and yellow have been effective during the early morning and evening, when light levels are diminished.

Crankbaits have also been working well on the resident walleye population. Shallow, rocky, current swept areas have been prime locations for anglers looking to work crankbaits. Match the lure to the depth, selecting a bait that will occasionally tick the bottom when retrieved. As with the jig colors, brighter colored patterns have been best during the day, with firetiger, orange tiger, and similar patterns having done well the past week or so; black and silver or black and gold patterns have been equally as deadly during the low-light periods.

While walleyes are drawing the bulk of the attention lately, there are other species accessible and available to anglers right now. Good number of crappies can be found holding in deeper water, including holes, river channels, and the like. Begin by locating schools of fish on your electronics, making note of the depth, then anchoring with your boat in casting range. Slip bobbers and minnows, though simple, are the most efficient way to catch numbers of crappies right now. Anglers looking for a different type of panfish should search shallow bays as yellow perch have moved shallow and are readily taking small minnows presented below finesse-style slip bobbers.

Northern pike are also available to anglers, and some quality fish should remain shallow for the next while. Fan-casting bays and backwaters with suspending crankbaits or swim baits has been the best method in which to locate areas of active fish. Live bait such as large golden shiners or sucker minnows suspended under a float have been good bets for once fish are found.

The fishing is good and will only continue to get better – enjoy the bounty that spring has to offer!

Joel DeBoer
Wisconsin Angling Adventures
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