Fishing Knots



Perfect loop - One of the better loop knots and can be used on lighter lines although best suited to the heavier. It will not kill the action of the lure or fly.

Join two lines of different thicknesses.
Create drop loops in light line traces.
Join two similar thicknesses of line.
Suitable for lines over 35 lb..
Attach hooks through the eye to the line.
Attaching swivels, lures or hooks to the main line.
Creates a stand out loop for attaching a hook to a trace.
Form a loop for attaching sinkers to the main line.
Attach hooks to multi strand wire.
Attaching swivels, lures, and hooks to the main line.
Attach swivels, hooks and lures to the main line.
Attaching line to a hook with an up or down turned eye.
Attach trace line to a hook.
Attaching a hook line to a continuous heavy main line.
An all purpose hook to line knot.
Perfect Loop Connecting lures or fly to heavy leader, trace or shock tippet.
A relatively easy method to create a double.
Attaches a swivel to a double with the double remaining intact.
Attaching hooks and rings to heavy line.
Tie a hook to a light leader.
Connecting hooks, swivels, rings and lures.
Long plastic coated wire traces