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Public Hunting Lands and Wildlife Areas



Ackley Wildlife Area

If you like hunting, Ackley provides excellent opportunities to pursue a variety of game species. Deer, turkey, black bear, ruffed grouse, woodcock and waterfowl. Beaver, muskrat, fisher and coyote are abundant on this property and on the 27,000 acres of surrounding county forest lands. Ackley Wildlife Area is located on state Highway 64, 12 miles west of Antigo or 14 miles east of Merrill.

Adell Wildlife Area

Adell Wildlife Area is located by taking Highway 57 a half mile south of Adell in Sheboygan County. The Adell Wildlife Area offers many recreational opportunities.

Albany Wildlife Area

Albany Wildlife Area is located just west of the Village of Albany in Green County. This property currently consists of a 1,421 acres of state-owned, 3 acres of easements and 282 acres of leased lands for public hunting, fishing, trapping and other nature based activities

Allenton Marsh Wildlife Area

Allenton Marsh Wildlife Area is a 1,160 acre property located in Washington County. Find it forty minutes north of Milwaukee and west of Highway 41. The property is comprised mostly of wooded bottomland surrounded by grassland and crop fields, two 10 acre-impoundments, several dozen smaller ponds and other wetlands, fence lines, feeder streams and small woodlots.

Amberg Wildlife Area

Amberg Wildlife Area is a 1,190 acre property located in northcentral Marinette County, southeast of the community of Amberg. A vast majority of the property is young dense swamp conifer. Uplands consist mainly of aspen, scrub oak, jack pine and grassy openings. Find Amberg Wildlife Area from Highway 141 in Amberg. Go west on county Highway V approximately five miles. A series of two rut roads and firebreaks provide access to the property.

Amsterdam Sloughs Wildlife Area

Amsterdam Sloughs Wildlife Area is located in Burnett County just northwest of Siren. Access the area from County Road D on the north, County Road N on the west and several township roads on the south and east.

Augusta Wildlife Area

Augusta Wildlife Area is a 2,503 acre property located four miles north of the city of Augusta, in Eau Claire County. Kelly Road and its junction with County Road G form the western and northen boundaries of the area. Parking areas are located off Highway G, Kelley Road and Wildlfe Road.

Avon Bottoms Wildlife Area

Avon Bottoms Wildlife Area is located in the southwest corner of Rock County. The property currently consists of 2,835 acres of state-owned, 4 aces of easements and 714 acres of leased lands. The property follows the Sugar River bottoms through the Rock County Town of Avon, from County Highway T on the Rock/Green County line to the Illinois border. Take State Highway 81 west from Beloit for ten miles, then west on Beloit-Newark Road three miles. From north, go south on County Highway T, six miles from State Highway 11 at Brodhead, turning east on Beloit-Newark Road.

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