Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest

Perch Lake Trail

Located just west of Whisker Lake Wilderness, this trail circles picturesque Perch Lake. If you're interested in a secluded camping experience, this trail also passes five walk-in campsites with tent pads, tables, fire rings, and wilderness-style toilets. Or if you'd like to try fishing, the lake is stocked with bluegills and bass.

Other trails in the area include the Lauterman trail and the Assessor's Interpretive trail.

Directions: From Florence, take State Highway 70 west 10-1/2 miles to FR 2150 and turn right (north). The parking area is 1/2 mile north on the left (west), for 6 vehicles. Trail Length: 1-1/3 mile.

Difficulty: Gently rolling terrain.


Perch Lake Trail


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