Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest

Boulder Lake Campground Trail

A wooden boardwalk begins your journey into another world of primitive bog vegetation, deer trails, squirrels' nests, and the workings of woodpeckers. Hike up and down the ridges around a large open bog area. The huge boulders you'll see are the calling cards left behind when the last glacier receded and formed the rugged terrain over 10,000 years ago. Campers can access the trail from several points in the campground.

Directions: From Langlade, take State Highway 55 south for 5 miles to County Highway WW. Turn left and go east 1/2 mile to Campground Road (FR 2166). Turn left onto Campground Road and head north to Boulder Lake Campground. As you enter the campground, go past the road to the boat ramp (on left). Turn at the first right, just past the entry information area into the parking area. A trail map is located at the trailhead.

Trail Length: 2 miles.

Difficulty: Easy to moderately rolling terrain.

Boulder Lake Campground Trail



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