Canoeing the Pike River, Wisconsin

Expert paddler Mike Svob has been canoeing and kayaking the rivers of the Midwest for 30 years. He paddled more than a thousand miles to complete these books. Below are brief descriptions of the canoe trips that Mike goes into detail with in his books with maps. The maps are very useful, showing rapids, take in and take out points and other things of interest.

Pike 1-Hwy. 141 to Yellow Bridge Falls-Marinette County-9.5 miles. This is one of the prettiest and most unspoiled rivers in Wisconsin, with several rapids that require experience. This river was given special protection by the Wisconsin Wild Rivers Act of 1965. Put in near Amberg at the Hwy. 141 bridge.The river brgins with attractive wooded scenery, dependable current and a consistent width of 90 feet. Bulls Falls is a Class II rapids about 1 mile downstream. There are several large boulders to avoid. Only experienced paddlers should run this rapids. Portage on the right. The rest of the river to Hwy. K is mostly flatwater.. After the bridge there are 3 curving Class I rapids. About 1 mile past Hwy. K is Scrounge Canyon which is a two hundred yard long Class II rapids filled withboulders. At 8.8 miles Class II Horseshoe Falls appears after a right hand turn. It is usually run down the center.Yellow Bridge over Barker Rd.has a river wide ledge that can be scouted from a river left landing. The ledge is difficult to run in low water.Class II-III Yellow Bridge Falls follows. There is a sheer five foot drop followed by a couple of hundred yards of boulder garden. Be Careful!! the take out is an easy to miss clearing on the left at the end of the boulder garden.