Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest-trails and tours

Highlighted by its unique forest landscapes and abundant wetlands, the Chequamegon-Nicolet is a hiker's paradise. Don't like to hike? The same trails may also be used in the winter by cross-country skiers, and shared in the summer with mountain bikers and horseback riders. If you'd rather not venture outside, try a scenic auto tour


Trail/Tour Name  Miles     Hiking   Mtn. Bike  X-C Ski   Horse   Interpretive    Auto  Difficulty
1 X   X       Easy
2 1/2 X           Easy
80         X X N/A
15 X X X X     Medium
12 X X X       Easy-Difficult
1 X       X   Easy
13 X           Medium
4 X           Easy
2 X           Medium
1 3/4 X       X   Medium
15 X     X     Easy
1/4 X       X   Easy
1/2 X           Easy
3/4 X       X   Medium
1 1/3 X X X       Easy
9 X X X       Medium
3 1/3 X X         Medium
1 X       X   Easy
2 1/4 X           Medium
2/3 X       X   Medium
2 X           Medium
1 X       X   Easy
6 X X X       Easy-Difficult
2/3 X       X   Easy
1 1/4 X       X   Medium-Difficult
14 X X X       Easy-Difficult
11 X   X       Easy-Difficult
4     X X     Medium-Difficult
12 X X X       Easy-Difficult
2/3 X       X   Medium-Difficult
2 X X         Easy-Medium
65         X X N/A

Note: The large-scale map is not available for the Chequamegon trails; however, a map and directions are included in the links to the trails.

Trail/Tour Name  Miles/km     Hiking   Mtn. Bike  X-C Ski   Horse  ATV Interpretive Difficulty
Great Divide Ranger District
4 X         X Easy
74.1   X         Easy to Intermediate
56         X   N/A
4 X         X Easy to Intermediate
          Easy to Difficult; trails are popular for snowshoes; Morgan Falls Trail is accessible for people with disabilities
27.8k     X       Easy to Intermediate
1.7k, 2.4k, 2.2k, 3.4k X   X       Easy
33.9 X           Varies; see trail description
16.9k X   X       Easy to Moderate
42.4k X   X       Intermediate to Difficult
18k X   X       Easy to Intermediate
Medford-Park Falls Ranger District, Medford Area
1.2 X         X Easy
25.8k     X       Easy to Intermediate
49 X           Varies
20         X   N/A
Medford-Park Falls Ranger District, Park Falls Area
69         X   N/A
18.9k X   X       Easy to Intermediate
0.5 X         X Easy
11 X   X       Easy
0.5 X   X       Easy
16       X     Easy
20.6k X   X       Intermediate
Washburn Ranger District
30.7k X X X       Easy
0.75 X         X Easy
23.2       X     N/A
27.5 X   X       Varies
36k X X X       Easy
84         X   N/A
Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center
1.7 X   X       Easy



The information used on HFCW is used with permission of the US Dept. of Agriculture/Forest Service according to their policy