Canoeing the Turtle River, Wisconsin

Expert paddler Mike Svob has been canoeing and kayaking the rivers of the Midwest for 30 years. He paddled more than a thousand miles to complete these books. Below are brief descriptions of the canoe trips that Mike goes into detail with in his books with maps. The maps are very useful, showing rapids, take in and take out points and other things of interest.


Turtle-Shea Dam to County FF-Iron County-14 miles. Here the Turtle River is a delightful combination of small scenic lakes and constantlt changing stream. the stream sections vary from slow quiet reaches to the dancing waters of 10 rated rapids. Put in is from the left bank just below Shea Dam about 10 miles northeast of Mercer. Below Spider Lake the river meanders through Oxbow, Echo, Rice and Pike Lakes. Between each is a short stretch of river.. None of the rapids are too difficult for the average canoeist. Take out is at the County FF bridge above the Falls,