West-Bar Sportsmens Club

West Bar Sportsmen’s Club
West Bar Sportsmen Club Feb/March 2009 Newsletter

James Bodden President 262-384-1523
Larry Crass Vice President 262-338-0117
Dean Schaffer Treasurer 262-629-4401
Craig Martin Secretary 262-335-6606
Matt Robrahn, Building Chairman 262-338-6407
Lee Ermer, Land Chairman 262-626-2097

This letter is being written by the president as the Secretary had other obligations.

The newsletter - we are trying to get as many e-mail addresses as possible to both expedite the newsletter getting to the members as well as reducing the cost of postage.

April 1st, (Wednesday) 1st practice, trap league.
April 21st , ham dinner - $5 / head.
May 16th, Spring clean up, the Saturday after the meeting is memorial day weekend.
May 30th spring clean up day, rain date.
June 19th roadside cleanup prior to the meeting at 6:00, Kick off of the raffle.

-Fishing Chairman - submit entries if you want to win. The issue of the fisheree was brought up, and all 5 - 6 of us that showed up had a good time. Didn’t catch many fish, as the “winning” fish was caught by Jim Benike and was a 5 inch perch. The snowstorm the day of the fisheree didn’t help matters any. Lee Ermer also got to meet DNR agent Bill Mitchell. Ask him about it.

-Land Chairman - no show, no report. Although it appears the snow has melted and things should be in order for the April ham dinner.

-Building Chairman - Fuel oil only turned out to cost $188.

-Hunting Chairman’s report - Dan Ermer - get your hunting forms in soon. The prizes will be awarded shortly. It was also mentioned that the biggest buck for the hunting should be accompanied with a photo.

Dan Ermer also brought up that turkey blanks are at the clubhouse to be filled in for the turkey hunting award.

-Raffle chairman - raffle kicks off in June; it has been decided that given the current economic climate, we are going with $5 dollar tickets. We plan to go with $10 tickets next year. The possibility of Gander Mountain selling our tickets is also being investigated at this time by Greg Harding.

Meanwhile, there is a raffle for a Harley made possible by Lee Ermer. A portion of the proceeds will go the club, and some to the children’s hospital.

-Old Business - Land Chairman Lee Ermer is working on a draft of the proposed tree stand regulations.

-New Business - Planning ahead for the Ham dinner. Jim Bodden was going to work on getting hams, Dan Ermer is in charge of getting rool and beans. Mr. Stahl was going to get potato salad and Tom Nirkula showed up a bit later to mention that cole slaw would be required to round out the meal. Keep in mind to call either Jim, Larry, Dean or Craig (phone numbers at the top of the page) so that we have a headcount for the April ham dinner - scheduled for April 21st.

Additionally, there was mention made along the way for plans for the summer fisheree. The talk at the moment is around lake Butte de Morts. Details to be worked out later.

Pete Dale mentioned we should look into getting insulation for the roof. Tom Nirkula said that he had some drywall for covering the insulation.

In other news, Greg Harding has a pattern for hats, and we are working out the budget for the hats.

Additionally we need to determine what is wrong with the furnace. It has been voted on to allocate up to $250 to repair it. Lee Ermer called on a furnace repairman and did the troubleshooting to get the furnace working again it was found out to be a fouled ignitor. It was found out at the time of repair that we need to get air filters, as it appears that the original air filter was still in the furnace, several years since it’s installation.

At the March meeting, Lee Ermer who was a bit belated in showing up, mentioned that there were trees being cut that had not been approved by the club. Please don’t cut any trees down without permission, we are in a conservation program and don’t want to infringe on those priviledges.

New Members - Edward Sarro, sponsored by Mr. Slavata.

President Jim Bodden (on behalf of Larry Crass- who forgot)- “With the administration in that we have in Washington, now would be a good time to join the NRA”.

President’s memo - Dick Held left a message that he had harvested a bobcat. Don’t know what the prize is exactly.

Additional memo(s), keep in mind we are planning to have a board of directors’ meeting before summer. Call either Jim Bodden or Larry Crass what time works best; right now, that would be sometime after the April Ham dinner (April 21st) and the May meeting (May 19th).

A thanks to Mr. Stahl for printing out “new member” forms.

A thanks to Jim Benike for making arrangements for a house on the lake for the fisheree.

A thanks to Lee Ermer, Blake Rodenkirk, and Dean Schaeffer for their efforts on cleaning up the clubhouse, getting the furnace going as well as working on the plumbing.

Lastly, a small air compressor has been donated to the club for inflating the mower tires as well as blowing off the grass clippings off of the mowers.

Respectfully submitted, Jim Bodden.